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Bowling Icons Who Made Their Names in the Bowling Hall of Fame

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The National bowling Hall of Fame has three museums located in St. Louis, Missouri. These are the (PBA) Professional Bowling Association, (WIBC) Women's International Bowling Congress, and the (ABC) American Bowling Congress; they display historical memorabilia of interest to bowling icons as well as the history of bowling.

The museum was formally opened on June 2, 1984, and exhibited many displayed historical materials and records of events that have been compiled by the ABC since 1932. In 1972, the ABC and the WIBC housed the displays in the Bowling Headquarters in Greendale, Wisconsin as a temporary home. By the year 1979, the two associations ventured, together with the help of AMF Incorporated and Brunswick Corporation, with the (BPA) Bowling Proprietors of America to find a permanent location for the museum.

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The National Bowling Hall of Fame and Museum contains the records and profiles of bowling icons of the sport. One of the great bowlers that left their marks and are considered to be the best that ever played bowling includes Marshall Holman who is considered the first ever bowler to reach .5 million in earnings. He made his name as the best bowler in the 1980's, where he won more than 20 tournaments including record breaking performances in 1982 and 1984 by setting the highest scoring averages of the PBA tournament.

Another bowler to be named to the hall of fame is Nicole Gianulias. She was the first woman to sweep all four 800 series of the (LPBT) Ladies Professional Bowling Tournament when she was only a rookie. She also recorded 18 tournament championships and was named bowler of the year in 1986.

Mark Roth was the most dominant and consistent bowler in the late 70's, when he was named bowler of the year for three consecutive times in the years of 1977, 1978, and 1979. He also added recognition in 1984 when he swept every single opponent and eventually won the championship. He was also named bowler of the year during that time.

Donna Adamek conquered women's professional bowling by posting a record of five major titles between 1978 and 1981. She was named women's bowler of the year for four straight years; set the record for having the most championships won by a female in those years; and was the most dominant in the women's division.

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